Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Fundy Tidal: Terroir

My observations of the movement and placement of the debris in the swash zone along the Bay of Fundy inspired drawings of tidal action and the painting titled Fundy Tidal. Tidewrack creates lines in the sand, is tumbled through foam, and, with elements of both natural and discarded litter, performs a rhythmic dance along the shoreline. 

Life on our planet is dependant on the oceans, and the health of that environment reflects the health of the earth.  The energy of the Bay of Fundy, with the highest tides and strong currents, rips kelp from seabeds, erodes cliffs at its edge.  This drama is captured in what is temporarily left behind, only to be erased and rearranged with the next wave.

Fundy Tidal is included in Terroir: A Nova Scotia Survey

Swash Zone III
9" x 5.5 "graphite on 300 lb Fabriano watercolour paper
Swash Zone I
9" x 5.5 "graphite on 300 lb Fabriano watercolour paper

Fundy Tidal
48" x 72", acrylic on canvas

detail Fundy Tidal

detail Fundy Tidal